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ENCOM Cares has a tradition of community service.

While ENCOM's core business centers on engineering, procurement, construction management, operation & maintenance, and engineering support providing service to the communities in which ENCOM employees live and work is ENCOM's privilege.

ENCOM Group Foundation is to be established to respond to the needs of the communities around Mozambique in which ENCOM will have offices or major projects. All grants will be initiated internally by ENCOM’s office and project managers.

ENCOM cares program is designed for Community, Education and development.

Community Development

Whether at a project site or a permanent office site, ENCOM and ENCOM employees work to build and grow strong, sustainable communities.

Education and sport

Education and sport is a priority at ENCOM, both for the company and for its employees. ENCOM works with students and educational institutions at all levels to promote and strengthen science, wellbeing, technology and engineering.

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